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WEBINAR: "13 Costly Mistakes Tenants Make Negotiating Leases & Renewals"

(Replay available for a limited time - watch now...)

The Lease Coach presents this must watch session for both existing tenants facing a lease renewal negotiation as well as startup operators. You'll learn...

  • The 13 costly mistakes tenants make in the leasing process.
  • How to negotiate a lease renewal rent reduction.
  • How to negotiate for free rent and tenant allowance money, even on renewal deals.
  • How to eliminate deposits and personal guaranties. 
  • Plus, why tenants should almost never exercise their renewal option and more...

Note: The webinar was recorded for a restaurant operator audience, however the tips apply across all industries and is appropriate for all to watch.


Dale Speaking EventPresenter: Dale Willerton is The Lease Coach negotiating lease deals for tenants. Formerly a shopping mall manager and leasing rep for landlords, Dale is an industry insider and go-to expert who for almost 30 years now has exclusively worked for tenants. With offices in Orlando, LA, NY & Dallas, The Lease Coach has successfully negotiated and consulted on over 3000 leasing projects for tenants throughout the US. Dale is a professional speaker frequently appearing at industry events and conferences around the country. Willerton is also the author of Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES. Contact Dale at 1.800.738.9202 (ext. 1) or by email at [email protected].

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