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The Lease Coach has successfully completed over 3000 leasing projects for major name brand tenants and independents alike. Here we share a few of their stories...

Michael Veltri

DC Akido

Dr. Vincent Lee, D.D.S.

Caplilano Dental Clinic

Don Wilson

Sundance Spas

Dr. Mark Harrington, Shenandoah Chiropractic, Davie FL

“Other chiropractic businesses should absolutely consider using Dale & The Lease Coach. It was so worth the money just to not deal with the stress of the leasing process, plus the fact that I was able to stay focused on my practice which makes me money. Add to that the beneficial leasing terms that saved me money and gave me peace of mind. I was thrilled with the service received.”

Rachel Priddy, Rose & Lois Coffeeshop, Indianapolis, IN

“I am enormously grateful that I came across one of Dale's interviews. I found his content invaluable and from there purchased his book to read as I pursued my first commercial lease. I quickly realized I was still much in over my head and called Dale immediately to sign a contract for him to negotiate our lease for us. I ran some figures and quickly realized that Dale would pay for himself numerous times over by the money he would save us through the course of the lease. He has truly been invaluable with his years of experience and the expertise he brings.”

More Coffee Shop Testimonials...
Dr. Wendy Jackson
Presiniuk & Assoc.
Dr. Ganz Ferrance

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