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The Lease Coach has successfully completed over 3000 leasing projects for major name brand tenants and independents alike. Here we share a few of their stories...

Rachel Priddy, Rose & Lois Coffeeshop, Indianapolis, IN

“I am enormously grateful that I came across one of Dale's interviews. I found his content invaluable and from there purchased his book to read as I pursued my first commercial lease. I quickly realized I was still much in over my head and called Dale immediately to sign a contract for him to negotiate our lease for us. I ran some figures and quickly realized that Dale would pay for himself numerous times over by the money he would save us through the course of the lease. He has truly been invaluable with his years of experience and the expertise he brings.”

Abby Padlock, Twisted Grounds Coffee, Madison, WI

“The Lease Coach was worth every penny and more. I’m an attorney opening a coffee shop in Wisconsin. I hired The Lease Coach and the first recommendation Dale made was “come to Coffee Fest” which I did (where Dale was speaking and how we met in person). That was only the beginning of the great advice and guidance I received. When it comes to negotiating and signing a lease it’s tempting to cut corners, but I’m sure glad I invested in the help of a professional lease consultant and negotiator.

Because of my legal background I knew a fair bit about leases, and also about coffee shops from past experience. But using The Lease Coach as a 3rd party negotiator made the landlord take me seriously. Dale’s practical knowledge of real estate leasing and his guaranty to be with me throughout the entire process (which for me was over a year by choice) led me to hire them. During the lease negotiations Dale knew just what to ask for, helping get me a great Tenant Allowance package and plenty of lead up time rent free to buildout my new coffee shop. Dale was very organized and patient with my many questions and communications, especially about ambiguous lease clauses that needed to be reworked.

Dale you took away my leasing stress knowing the negotiations were done right. I would hire you again and highly recommend The Lease Coach to anyone signing a new lease or renewal. I’m happy to give The Lease Coach this recommendation, and Dale I hope to thank you in person at a future Coffee Fest event.”

Erin Neary, Book Club Bar & Coffeeshop, New York, NY

“Dale, aka The Lease Coach, was one of the most valuable services we contracted during the start-up phase of our business. He was endlessly patient with us as we asked question after question over hours of phone calls regarding the lease negotiation process.

I cannot recommend The Lease Coach enough. In the end, the money he saved us on our lease paid for the service many times over. In addition, we walked away with peace of mind knowing that we understood what it was we signed, we got the best deal we could have hoped for, and that Dale will continue to be a resource even years into our lease.”

Roger Meyers, Azucar Loca Coffee Company, Houston, TX

“My name is Roger Meyers and I’m about to sign my first lease for my new coffee shop. I have attended several Coffee Fest shows in the past and was recently able to sit in on The Lease Coach seminar at the show in San Antonio.

As you’re about to learn this subject of leasing is absolutely critical and I’m so fortunate Dale Willerton the expert was there to share his experience and wisdom with us. It truly was the best educational class at the event. (which I gave it 5 out of 5 stars). The amount of knowledge I absorbed in 40 minutes is equal to in my mind that of years and years experience.

Because I started the leasing process before meeting The Lease Coach I made the usual mistakes and got hooked up with a broker who was really not helping me or useful at all. Locked into a contract with a broker that I just couldn’t break and frustrated as all hell; I feel so fortunate enough to have met Dale, the Lease Coach.

After The Lease Coach seminar Dale autographed a copy of his FOR DUMMIES book for me. As I read it I was able to apply what Dale taught in his class and in the book, but I still needed some help. I felt this was too big of a commitment not to get some professional help. So I hired The Lease Coach and wow was it an eye opener, and a great investment in the future of my company.

I’m so grateful that there is a real estate industry leasing expert who is available for start-up tenant’s like me. Dale was so helpful, I will use him for sure as I open the next location in a few years and then again in 5 years on my lease renewal.”

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