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Restaurant Rockstars Podcast Appearance

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Dale & Roger

Dale Willerton from The Lease Coach joins Roger Beaudoin of The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast for an in-depth look at restaurant leases and lease renewals.


In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, you'll get the inside scoop on:

  • How to select the best space for your concept
  • Finding the balance between lease cost vs. location
  • What is a “Profitable Lease Agreement”
  • Lease concessions you should ask for
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charges and what’s reasonable
  • What’s important at renewal time

And the benefits of hiring an expert to negotiate your lease for you.

It has been said that “You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!” To come out on top, takes experience and the right approach.

This episode is a must-listen.



Link: Restaurant Rockstars Podcast